Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sterling Silver Gothic Jewelry - Popular Themes and Gothic Designs

Several decades ago, it may have been easy to dismiss Gothic fashion as a mere fad that should have ended with the 1980’s. However, it has actually grown and become more prevalent in society than ever before. Gothic fashion is all about connecting with the dark side, mysterious and brooding, and can even be elegant or sexy. If you are unwilling to go the whole nine yards, with a velvet cape and full pan makeup on your face, then you can still experience the fun parts of this subculture by donning sterling silver Gothic jewelry.

Of course, sterling silver Gothic jewelry is also an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe who is truly dedicated to this type of lifestyle, so that is something to take into consideration. There are a number of different themes that could be incorporated into the jewelry under the umbrella of being Gothic. That includes any symbolism that is associated with black magic or death, including spider webs, pentacles, Gothic cross necklaces, or skulls and bones. Ravens are a popular symbol that might also be seen, or even hearts if they are sufficiently decorated with ornate detail.

Because sterling silver Gothic jewelry is also similar to pagan jewelry, it will draw from materials from the earth. In addition to sterling silver, you might find your jewelry items available in gold or pewter. These are frequently adorned with jewels, and may depict pagan symbols or those from Celtic and ancient Egyptian culture. Because these cultures were centered on death and the afterlife, the lore that surrounds them plays well into Gothic culture as well. This may play out with howling wolf earrings, rings in the shape of coffins, or scarabs. Bracelets and chokers could be crafted out of chain mail, for a medieval vibe.

To start your search for the best prices and selection of sterling silver Gothic jewelry, it’s a good idea to look at stores online. These often have individually crafted items that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to find alone in the shops. By looking for these first, you might be able to find a more unique piece of jewelry at a lower price. You might be surprised by what the larger jewelry shops have as well. As Gothic fashion has grown ever more common, even the most straightforward shops may have jewelry options with a darker theme that could fit into any type of wardrobe. It’s worth checking many different sources.


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