Friday, July 27, 2012

Non-piercing Body Jewelry

A few years back people did not wear body jewelry of the non piercing body jewelry type as it is being used these days. Even if it was used it was not famously indulged in. If you go back to history you will get to see that in many of the royal families in Egypt in the ancient times the body was pierced to decorate it with different kinds of ornaments. Buttons or bars were worn on the bellies by the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. This kind of ornamentation was not permissible for any one else except the Pharaohs.

Egyptians have always tried to adorn the beauty of the body with jewelry in different kinds. The fullness of a man and his strength was best depicted when warriors in the Roman era got their nipples pierced. Though piercing of bodies was popular four centuries back it was restricted to body parts like the nose and ears only. Jewelry used in body piercing is made in a variety of metals. Many of the delicate as well as sensitive parts of the body like the tongue, lips, eyebrows, nipples, etc are pierced.

It requires a professional to get the body pierced. If the body is not pierced properly with the right kind of materials or techniques then infections and complications could arises which could have unnecessary side effects. It is for this reason that sterilization of materials or instruments used needs to be prioritized. To make body piercing items materials like niobium, stainless, steel, gold, platinum, as well as titanium are used. The reason why these metals are used in non piercing body jewelry as well as body piercing jewelry is because they are easily available, very safe to use, they are popular materials and by nature they are hypoallergenic as well.