Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Eerie Appeal of Twilight Vampire Jewelry

Considering the long lines of moviegoers who stood for many hours, before buying tickets for the film about early evening vampires, it should come as no surprise that there is a huge demand for twilight vampire jewelry. Each of those accessories displays some object that played an important part in the storyline of that popular Twilight film. Sometimes it is a simple necklace, one that holds a ruby colored cubic zirconia.

Twilight Inspired Crafts

Sometimes it is a chain with a faux pendant, such as the item that hangs from a Volturi necklace. At other times it represents the object of interest in a vampire love story. It might be the replica of a piece of jewelry worn by one of the Twilight players. Rosalie’s necklace displays just such an item.

Still, not every piece of twilight vampire jewelry fits around the neck. Not all of those eerie accessories function as decorative piece for the neck. Some of them are bracelets. The person who wears the wolf and heart bracelet places that eerie accessory around his or her wrist. Those who elect to purchase an Edward Bella charm bracelet can also buy a matching necklace.

Twilight Jewelry

While few members of the general public would “freak out” after seeing any of the accessories mentioned above, they might become wide-eyed after viewing a more eerie item. That is the blood vial necklace. It startles the eye with a clear glass tear drop vial hanging on a chain. That vial contains some FX blood.