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Luxury Jewelry Designers

Luxury jewelry designers often demand a higher retail for their jewelry items than other jewelry retailers. This can be for a number of reasons; usually the pieces offered by a luxury jewelry designer are handcrafted, of finer materials, or are specially designed just for the wearer. When considering the extra craftsmanship and design that go into their offerings, jewelry by a luxury designer is really a bargain.

Luxury Jewelry Designers

Luxury jewelry designers include well-known names like Gucci and Tiffany and Co., yet they are substantial in number beyond the well-known names of modern fashion. Some luxury jewelry designers have been around for decades and are continuing a family tradition in jewelry making that started generations ago. They might not have a famous name but their work is as good or exceeds the major competitors. Others cater to the specific needs of clients and have over time began to produce luxury jewelry as a way to create something unique. These unique offerings can be reconstruction of an antique piece, creating a custom bridal set, fabricating a special charm at the request of a customer, or even repair and elaboration to an already existing piece.

Jewelry Designer Pascal Mouawad and Kim Kardashian

What should one seek out in a luxury jewelry designer? First, learning the name and reputation of the jeweler can go a long way. Most luxury jewelry designers have few issues with sharing some of their past works, talking with a client about services they offer, and sometimes even have customer testimonials available about their satisfaction in jewelry and services they have been provided by the company.

If there is a good reputation with the company, then it can be important to learn more about their work before deciding on jewelry. Second, what kinds of materials do they use and how does this compare to other retailers, offering similar services? Most luxury jewelers offer higher grade materials such as platinum and pure gold in addition to the traditional gold standards. They can relate specifics about where their materials come from, why one is preferable over the other, and even how to properly care for the jewelry after it has been taken home. A third consideration is if it is a custom piece being sought out - most luxury jewelers offer premade, one-of-a-kind or limited pieces in addition to design services. Luxury jewelers have few issues with custom designing a piece just for the wearer. However, this can add to the cost of the jewelry. Finally, some luxury jewelry designers offer those of smaller makers in addition to their own. Usually the hosting jeweler tries to select providers in line with their own standards of creation and materials, so that their offerings are of the finest quality.

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Why would someone choose to pay the extra money that a luxury jewelry designer charges? Often there are services that go with the jewelry, such as regular checks and free repairs, and sometimes even a lifetime guarantee on the piece. Another reason is having a custom made, unique piece that no one else has. Finally, a jeweler of this level of expertise tends to use better materials and have better craftsmanship. All these things considered, a piece of luxury jewelry is quite a bargain.

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  1. Great post, although as a warning, we have had some bad experience with Tiffany’s customer service. After spending almost $100,000 on their products my wife had one of their bracelets fall apart on the same day she purchased. Tiffany was completely unable to resolve this issue to our satisfaction, even after we brought it to the attention of their executive VP in charge of US sales. So we will no longer be patronizing Tiffany and just wanted to warn other luxury jewelry shoppers to be aware of possible problems with Tiffany customer care.