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Celebrity Jewelry

At one site was exposed to a unique yellow diamond solitaire in 51 carat white stuff. 21 days before the online auction was worth 530.000 U.S. dollars, he grew to approximately 30.000 dollars per day.

But tanzanite of this size would cost only a British Royal Navy Her Majesty. But all your Kilimanjaro - go to Kiev and ask how to say ilfopetrovsky hero. The most expensive stone today, and not according to his qualities of corundum, but simply because of Kilimanjaro - the only of its snout, sorry, not production, and Lucky find ... Sit in the snow of Kilimanjaro, and sit yourself fraction shingles.

And brewing a stone only to direct rays of the African red sun. And the blue - the more expensive. And go and know, is a pebble brown, shabby, and in her sky blue stone. And the blue of a real and poignant in nature. Tanzanite is a special unearthly blue. Pure blue star sapphire pales before Tanzanite blue. So the old queen, I'm sure, have already staked out the right of the first night on the largest tanzanite, is not found in the mountains of Tanzania.

And let's go fumbling at Her Majesty's in the bins! Zalchik go down to the size of an Olympic rink by 40 feet beneath Buckingham Palace and fumbled. Crown Elizabeth we did not find, already stashed away elsewhere - in the Tower. For what? But the king has died - long live the king! Even the post of keeper of the Crown Her Majesty at the court there.

Another diamond in the rock cave "- Cambridge, Dunbar Parur: Emerald Brooch of Prince Albert - a huge emerald, presented by Queen Victoria, the day before her wedding to Prince. Earrings Queen Mary from the emerald necklace and a V-shape, in which Her Majesty loves to take pictures.

The Queen also owns the stones Kulinan Kulinan-1 and-2, the diamond of 530 carats. And bought recently Kulinan Kulinan-3 and-4 for 94 and 63 karatika, now called the UK grandmother's potato chips.

Let's go to another cellar? By Elizabeth Taylor. The 33-carat Krupp diamond and 69 carat gem that has not looked good on her finger, covering two contiguous! Guessed outweighed pearls on the suspension. And Richard Burton gave her heart-shaped yellow diamond, donated in 1621 by Shah Khan, his beloved wife Mumzat Mahal, in whose honor had been erected the Taj Mahal. Stone value higher than the Taj Mahal!
In the basement she also has a La Peregrina pearl, the world's largest pearl in the 203.84-carat, belonged once the Spanish royal family. A Grand Duke Vladimir gave beautiful unique Russian emeralds, painted in the famous necklace Mrs. Taylor.

Marlene Dietrich starred in his films in their own jewelry - world renowned emerald cabochon. In the film, in 1938 «Desire», they have worked for the glory of the film's plot about jewelry thief. Ruby bracelet, which she blackmails the main character in the movie «Stage Fright» was sold at Sotheby's for & 999,000. Imagine Marlene Dietrich in the kitchen with her friend Katharine Cornell for cooking! But the way it was - was kneading dough for a pie Marlene, in emerald, 37 carats fingers. Where the ring - ay? House flipped from top to bottom, they found nothing. While one of the guests have not found the ring in his teeth a piece of cake.

Mary Pickford never acted in their jewelry, not counting the age-old strand of pearls around his neck, gave her a permanent image of innocence, but for the life she loved big star sapphires and rubies are huge. Her jewelry tasteless reached the point that she could both be 60-carat sapphire, the Star of Bombay and the 200-carat ruby "Star of India".

Not rich and not famous women of the middle class is now the U.S. is also less than one carat engagement rings do not accept. Rather, it is considered to present a proposal of marriage is less carats indecent. And now it's time to explain in jewelry understanding the difference between the rings in a betrothal and wedding. At the betrothal the groom gives his bride a diamond ring with a large tapeworm of carats and above, it may be a single or separate bulk Diamonds smaller. A wedding ring - is that in Russia, called the wedding. Wedding-ring is worn continuously and do not ever take off, but with another wedding tradition.

With expensive wedding rings jewelry, whose product is purchased, usually produces an identical ring from rhinestones. It is like a gift for your purchase. Such crystals women wear in everyday life, and expensive jewelry is kept in a cell bank for the security door and removed the light in a very special occasion. Essential attribute of precious stones is a certificate of authenticity from the National gemological laboratories. It's like a passport stone with its major gemological characteristics, with its history and genealogy.

Usually in the middle-class families, weddings and anniversaries to give a solid jewelry - try a gift fewer carats! Fallen out of love? Thus, the woman to the sunset days formed a basement. Not like a queen, but still heavy. During the divorce and division of property the court always leaves gifts for the woman. But husbands do not lose heart - his wife and give them expensive gifts. Now it's mostly gold or platinum prestige watches, gold Parker and lighters.

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